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Posts by Amb. Kenneth Quinn

March 19, 1996 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

At the Royal Palace, Ambassador Quinn is welcomed with the playing of the US National Anthem and a meeting with...

April 6, 1996 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Shortly after assuming his role leading the US Embassy in Cambodia, Ambassador Quinn traveled with Minister of Interior Sar Kheng...

May 3, 1997 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn's summary of his meetings with the Co-Defense Ministers, Co-Ministers of National Defense, and general staff.

May 21, 1997 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Congressional Record for terrorism in Cambodia during the time of Ambassador Quinn's service there.

July 16, 1997 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs gives a statement on the current crisis of violence in Cambodia,...

June 19, 1998 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

In the State Department magazine, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recognizes "Unsung Heroes" and points out Ambassador Quinn and those...

October 9, 1998 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

This record details Mr. McConnell's questioning of US policy in Cambodia as well as remarks from Cambodia's oppositional party leader...

December 10, 1998 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

This transmission written by Ambassador Quinn's staff members in his absence responding to information requested by Congressman Rohrabacher.

August 2, 1999 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn proposes having Madeleine Albright acquire the Northbridge School for a new Embassy headquarters, listing the benefits of such...

August 18, 1999 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

A separation statement from Ambassador Quinn, resigning from his position in the State Department.
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