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Articles Written By Ambassador Quinn

During his 32-year career in foreign affairs, Ambassador Quinn has written on a wide variety of topics, including serving in the war in Vietnam, being at President Richard Nixon's final day at the White House, working to relieve the suffering of refugees and the powerful emotions that can be displayed during sporting events whether at the Olympics or neighborhood playgrounds. Along the way he has interacted with an amazing array of individuals such as: Chinese President Xi Jinping, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug and terrorists seeking to harm our country. He hopes you will find the articles and commentaries of interest. 

May 1, 1964 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Before Ambassador Quinn became a Foreign Service Officer, he considered becoming a city planner. His Bachelor's thesis from 1964 was...

January 1, 1974 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn reflects on the lessons and knowledge he gained as a Foreign Service Officer in Vietnam and what that...

March 1, 1976 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn wrote this article as a Foreign Service Officer in 1976. He gives a history that details where the...

January 2, 1981 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn writes about draft registration during President Ronald Reagan's time in office. Ambassador Quinn discusses the different options outside...

October 1, 1982 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn's dissertation to obtain his PhD from the University of Maryland in 1982. He chose to write about the...

August 5, 1984 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn writes about his experience witnessing the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974. He recalls specific details of...

January 1, 1989 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn discusses the rise of the Khmer Rouge regime and the outbreaks of its violence. This article was published...

September 1, 1994 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

A book of artwork and photos put together by Ambassador Quinn to capture Cambodia in 1994. View Book

May 27, 1996 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn reflects about the bond between soldiers he experience from his time in Vietnam in the Mekong Delta during...

January 1, 1999 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

An introduction to the Logistics of Food Security Symposium written by Ambassador Quinn. He gives an overview of how the...
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