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National Security Council

10/01/1974 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn clears letters between the two presidents as part of his duties on the National Security Council. View Correspondence

01/28/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

In this document, Ambassador Quinn's requests supplemental fund requests to aid in Vietnam and Cambodia during the war and explains...

02/25/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

This document shows Ambassador Quinn serving as the official translator of President Ford during the Vietnam War. View Itinerary

03/25/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

In this diary entry, Ambassador Quinn is mentioned as the interpreter of President Ford. View Entry

04/05/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

This report to Henry Kissinger from Ambassador Quinn details the imminent fall of Saigon and the necessity of protecting Vietnamese...

04/05/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

As a Foreign Service Officer, Ambassador Quinn writes on the grim situation in Vietnam, the morale of the Vietnamese people,...

04/21/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Correspondence from Ambassador Graham Martin to General Scowcroft writing for Ambassador Quinn referencing Saigon. View Correspondence

05/05/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

List of invited guests to the State Dinner hosted by President Ford. View Invitation List

08/21/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn writes to Governor Ray of Iowa commending Governor Ray's refugee efforts. View Correspondence

10/29/1975 Amb. Kenneth Quinn

Ambassador Quinn, as part of the National Security Council, attended a conversation between Deputy Assistant to the President on National...
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