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During his tenure at the World Food Prize Foundation, Amb. Quinn was a highly sought after speaker, giving keynote addresses and presentations at venues and conferences around the globe, including: 

  • The United Nations in New York; 

  • The African Green Revolution Forum in Rwanda; 

  • Various symposia in China; 

  • On the campuses of universities in the U.S. and Europe; and 

  • Private agro-businesses and NGO organizations. 

Topics Amb. Quinn regularly addresses include: 

  • The legacy of Norman Borlaug; 

  • The role of agriculture in building peace; 

  • The challenge of feeding 9 to 10 billion people; 

  • The transformative power of improved rural roads and seeds; 

  • Inspiring the next generation of students; 

  • Iowa's unique China connection; and 

  • Confronting genocide and terrorism.  

Ambassador Quinn continues to be available to speak at or participate in symposia, dinners, international conferences and universities. In addition, he is open to give interviews to media on any of the above topics as well as his experiences in promoting global food security, as a diplomat dealing with humanitarian matters and in dealing with conflict and terrorism, including during the Vietnam War. 

To contact Ambassador Quinn regarding a speaking opportunity, please address an email to him at The message should contain:

  • The date and time of the event; 

  • The role he is being requested to consider (e.g. keynote speaker, roundtable participant, video interview etc.); 

  • The topic to be addressed;  

  • The date a response is requested by; and 

  • The estimated size of the audience.

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